Barcode Essentials

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Blank labels, ribbons, and heat-sealing equipment are essential when preparing barcodes for inventory that is being stored at your place of business. Use the guidelines below to shop for equipment that is compatible with the printer that you own.


Barcodes are used in warehouses and other factory settings where overstock merchandise is being stored. The use of barcodes aids a business owner in keeping up with inventory. As products are sold, scanning a barcode that is designated for a product will record each transaction.

Laser Sheets

Blank labels are sold in sheet formats and roll formats. Laser sheets are designed to be used in a laser printer. A manufacturer of blank barcode sheets will specify how many labels are on each sheet. The dimensions of each label should coincide with the other equipment that you will be using to prepare each barcode.

For instance, if you are going to be securing each barcode in a heat seal bag, you will need to compare the dimensions of a bag with the dimensions of a blank label. Each label should be slightly smaller in size than the bag that it will be secured inside of.

Rolls (With/Without Ribbons)

Rolls that require a ribbon and rolls that do not require a ribbon are secured to cardboard cores. These types of rolls are thermal label products. Each roll is designed to be installed inside a thermal transfer printer.

A barcode roll that requires a ribbon will produce smudge-resistant images. Some thermal rolls are classified as low-print energy products. These types of rolls produce crisp images, without using excess ink during the printing process.

Rolls that do not require the use of a ribbon are heat sensitive. This type of product will be listed as a direct thermal label roll.

Before shopping for rolls, assess the printer model that you own. A supplier of rolls that require the use of a ribbon will sell ribbon products separately. Assess the spindle design in your printer. The design will help you select a roll product that contains a core that will fit over the spindle. 

Extra Materials

If the overstock merchandise that you store at your place of business tends to fluctuate on a seasonal basis, you will need to make barcodes regularly. Purchase extra barcode sheets, labels, and ribbons that can be used for all of the future printing processes that you will be conducting. 

For more info about barcode labels, contact a local company.