3 Different Zip Tie Options

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When people think of zip ties, they probably think of classic plastic zip ties. However, there are actually numerous types of zip ties, also known as cable ties, that you can purchase and use. What type you need depends on what you are using them for, as different zip ties are able to withstand different types of conditions, such as temperature, exposure, and pressure. 

Nylon Ties

One of the most common types of zip ties is the simple nylon tie. Nylon ties are generally made to work within normal environmental temperatures. Nylon zip ties can easily be created in a wide range of colors. There are many ways that nylon ties can be customized. They can be customized in the following ways: 

  • Size

  • Length

  • Color

  • Tensile Strength

  • Temperature Range

There are actually different classifications of nylon ties based on the size and strength that you need. Nylon zip ties are classed as:

  • Miniature

  • Standard

  • Intermediate

  • Heavy Duty

  • Extra heavy duty

Nylon ties can have many uses and applications. 

Stainless Steel

If you need a tie that is going to be able to withstand extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures, you are going to need to invest in some stainless steel cable ties. They have very high tensile strengths, and they are designed to get the job done. They are what you turn to when you need something that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressure. 

Releasable Cable Ties

Sometimes, you need a tie that you can use again and again without having to cut and remove it and replace it with another one. That is where releasable cable ties come into play. With a releasable cable tie, you can use it to bundle something up and keep the items secure. However, when you need to bundle those items again, you can easily do so, as the tie is made to be released and reattached. These types of ties are generally able to handle up to a medium-sized load. Releasable cable ties are also referred to as reusable zip ties because you can adjust the tightness and use them more than one time. 

When it comes to zip ties, also referred to as cable ties, it is important to know that there are different materials and manners in which they are made. Nylon zip ties are the go-to standard and come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. When you need something strong, turn to stainless steel. If you want to be able to use it again, get some releasable or reusable ties. 

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