Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Construction Zone Is Safe And Well Marked For Passersby

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Working in an area that involves construction debris or other materials that could be a safety concern for people passing the site or in the general area requires some caution. Marking or condoning off the area is often the best way to let people know to use some caution, but how you do that can differ depending on the resources available. 

Construction Zone

The first thing you need to do when setting up a construction zone around your work area is to mark it off clearly. You can use construction tape to create a physical barrier around the area that will keep people out and clearly display caution or warning on the tape. 

You may have some items like signs or trees nearby that you can use to run the tape around, so be creative when creating the barrier, but make sure you leave people a way to get through the area safely. If your barrier forces people off the sideway and into the road, you could be creating an unsafe situation while solving another. 

There are requirements in some cities or towns about how the tape is put up and what areas can be blocked off, so check with code enforcement in your area if you are not sure what the rules are. You may need to provide a plan that shows how people will pass safely before you are allowed to restrict access around a public space or area. 

Tape Colors And Warnings

When you are purchasing construction tape for your work zone, it is crucial that you are buying tape that is appropriate for your situation. Many colors are available, and the tape may have different warnings to choose from. Buying yellow tape that says "construction zone," or, "caution," is suitable for a work area, but using a red tape marked "hazardous materials" may not be. 

There may be requirements that mandate the warning or the color of the construction tape, so working with a construction tape supply to provide the marking tape you need can help. Explain your scenario to the supplier, and they will be able to suggest the best tape for your needs. It is also good to check with the code enforcement officer in the area you are working in to determine if they prefer specific tape and warnings for the job site. 

You may also want to add some orange cones or posts to support the tape and make it easier to put up and take down as needed. The same supplier that sells the construction tape will often carry warning signs, cones, and other safety resources to make securing and marking your construction site easier.