Why You Should Consider Plastic Sheeting For Your Greenhouse

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If you run a greenhouse, you know that maintaining the right level of protection and heat retention for some of your plants or crops can be key to their growth. Many greenhouse owners use "greenhouse glass", which is essentially glass sheeting that is used to shield the crops as needed. But there's also another option you might not have thought about. Making an investment in bulk light-duty clear plastic sheeting might be a good decision for a greenhouse owner. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to switch to plastic sheeting today.

Plastic Retains Heat Better

If you need to keep your greenhouse or perhaps just a section of it at a very precise temperature, your sheeting setup could go a long way towards helping you achieve your desired result. The thing about plastic is that it is better at retaining heat and fighting heat loss than glass. Switch your traditional greenhouse sheeting to plastic sheeting instead, and the improved insulation could help make all of the difference on this year's crops.

Plastic Won't Shatter

Is your greenhouse located in an area where there can sometimes be high winds or other potential hazards that could send rocks or other debris flying? If so, using glass sheeting is not ideal. One bad storm or gust of wind could send something crashing into the glass, and the next thing you know, you'll be trying to pick shards out of your crops. Plastic is typically shatterproof, and you can pretty much just put it in place and then forget about it. Even if a gust of wind picks up a plastic sheet and blows it away, that's pretty easy to fix compared to a broken glass sheet.

Better Protection From the Sun

While you likely want the sun's warmth to shine down on your crops, you might have a different feeling about the UV rays that are also beaming down into your crops or the rest of your greenhouse. Today's plastic sheeting or film can be created with built-in UV protection. You'll be able to let in the sunlight without the harmful UV rays coming in as well. This could benefit everything from your crops to your workers who spend all day working inside the greenhouse.

If you own a greenhouse, you know that the sheeting you use plays a large role in the overall success of your crop growth. Consider looking into plastic sheeting today if you want to take your greenhouse to the next level.

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