3 Tips To Reduce Wear And Tear On Radial Shaft Seals

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Although they might not look particularly important because of their smaller size and simple design, radial shaft seals have an important job to do. Without them, it's hard to protect non-moving equipment parts from being damaged by the friction that can be created by moving parts. To ensure that your radial shaft seals last as they are supposed to and are able to provide the protection that they are designed to provide, follow these tips to avoid excessive wear and tear. 

1. Choose the Right Radial Shaft Seals

Double-checking the sizing information for the seals that you need -- such as by checking your equipment manual or measuring an old seal -- only takes a few minutes and is worthwhile. Then, you can avoid accidentally purchasing and installing a radial shaft seal that might be larger or smaller than it should be. Even though a seal that might not be the exact right size might seem as if it will still work, it might not work at all. If it does, it could be prone to added wear and tear because of its improper size.

2.  Make Sure Enough Lubricant Is Used

Even though the radial shaft seals are there to help provide protection, lubricant is still needed with many types of equipment. The lubricant can help you ensure that your seals aren't exposed to excessive wear and tear and can also help you ensure that all of the moving and non-moving parts of your equipment, including those that are not protected by seals, are kept safe from added wear and tear as well.

3. Focus on a Proper Installation of Your Seals

Seals that are properly installed are more likely to do their jobs properly, are less likely to wear out unevenly, and are less likely to snap, break or slide out of place. Therefore, taking a few minutes to ensure that they are securely installed is a good idea.

As you can probably see, there are actually a few things that you can do to ensure that your radial shaft seals don't wear out before they are supposed to. Following these steps can help you ensure that your radial shaft seals last as long as they are supposed to, and it can help you ensure that they are not too worn to do their jobs properly. Then, you can ensure that the various moving and non- moving parts of your machinery and equipment are protected.