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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Light Tower

Many companies feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. Working into the night can seem impossible, but with the addition of a light tower to your inventory, you can easily provide workers with the light they need to complete their jobs after the sun sets.

Light towers can be a beneficial resource when it comes to construction, agricultural, or sporting applications. The right light tower will be easy to use and provide you with a reliable source of light as you work.

1. Consider the type of bulbs on the light tower.

One of the first things you should consider when investing in a light tower is the type of bulbs that the tower uses. Many light towers are equipped with metal halide bulbs since these lights can be durable and have a long lifespan. You can also find light towers that feature electrodeless lamps as well.

Be sure to carefully consider your lighting needs so that you can find a light tower with bulbs that will be durable enough and bright enough to meet your needs in the future.

2. Consider the power source.

For your light tower to illuminate your work area effectively, it will need to be connected to a power source. For most light towers, this power source is a portable generator. You should take the time to examine the types of areas you work in on a regular basis to determine the type of generator that will be best suited to meet your needs.

Diesel and gas-powered generators require you to maintain a supply of spare fuel on each job site. For sites that have little room for storage, a battery-powered generator might be a better fit.

3. Consider your mobility needs.

Light towers can be moved from one job site to another. While all light towers are mobile, some are easier to move than others. If you need your light tower to be easily transported on a regular basis, then you should consider a product that can be separated into its individual components.

Having the ability to remove the tower itself from the support trailer and generator will make transporting the light tower unit a lot easier.

Investing in a light tower can help you extend your work hours after dark. Carefully consider the type of bulbs, the power source, and your mobility needs before making a purchase to ensure you end up with a light tower that will conveniently illuminate your work sites in the future. For more information on Atlas Copco parts, contact your local retailer today.

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