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Three Reasons To Buy Military Fasteners Instead Of Civilian Fasteners

There are many different kinds of fasteners in the world. There are also many different grades of fasteners. Most of the fasteners you probably use in a day, like screws, bolts, and nails, are typically referred to as civilian fasteners because you can buy them anywhere. There are military fasteners as well, and these you cannot just buy from your corner hardware store. However, you may want to buy several of your own military fasteners after you read the following reasons why.

Military-Grade Anything Is Always Better

Since anything military grade has been engineered to protect soldiers in combat, not even the smallest items, like fasteners, are without a major upgrade in quality. That said, a military fastener will be stronger and better for whatever project you have in mind than other fasteners. If you want something to really last a very long time, military fasteners can do the job.

You Can Buy Fastener Sizes That Are WAY out of the Norm

Walk into any hardware store, and you might be surprised at how small and how big screws, nails, and bolts can get. Shop military hardware, and there is absolutely no comparison. Need an eighteen-inch long bolt with a two-inch diameter? You likely cannot get that at a hardware store, but the military hardware sellers will probably have some in stock.

You Want Performance Fasteners of Atypical Metal Alloys

If you need a gold alloy screw that can withstand eighty pounds of pressure per inch, your corner hardware store is not going to have that. Performance fasteners of atypical metal types are very much a military-type product. Additionally, these products will have their performance stats listed on the labels or boxes. That is quite useful when you know what you need but have no idea what you are looking for (i.e., you have already done the math for the right fasteners, but you are not sure how to find them or if they even exist).

Finding a Seller

To buy any of the above, you should find out who manufactures these military fasteners. Then contact the manufacturer or look up the company online for a link to sellers and distributors. This will point you in the right direction for where to go and what you may find when you get there. If you do not think you will find what you want at the store, call in advance and ask.

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