Temporary Industrial Boilers: How This Works

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You may have heard of industrial boiler rental companies. It draws up the image of renting an industrial boiler for your factory, followed by installing the boiler in your factory, and then uninstalling the boiler when your rental agreement is over or your factory has obtained a permanent replacement boiler. You know this is a temporary industrial boiler, but a true temporary industrial boiler situation goes something like the following.

Arrange to Rent an Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers are HUGE. It is surprising that some companies make this a business and succeed at it, but it works. If your factory needs a boiler to keep things going until you can buy a replacement boiler, arrange to rent one. You may be offered a semi-permanent installation or a temporary boiler that is brought to your factory as a trailer-mounted boiler rental.

The Trailer-Mounted Boiler Rental

Have you ever seen an industrial boiler mounted on a flatbed truck? No? Try to picture it, because that is exactly what a trailer-mounted boiler looks like. The companies that rent these turn a very heavy appliance into a thing of convenience, rather than inconvenience. The boilers on the truck wheels are able to roll right into your factory and into the areas where you need a boiler. Then the plumbing contractor connects all of the pipes and vents to the boiler on wheels, flips the boiler on, and your factory goes on about its work.

The only differences between the trailer-mounted boiler rentals and other boiler rentals are:

  • Trailer boilers are smaller and easier to maneuver.
  • You do not have to do a full installation and a full uninstall on a trailer boiler. 
  • You never have to move the trailer boiler itself--only the trailer.
  • When the rental period is up, the boiler wheels right out of the factor (after disconnecting hoses and pipes, of course!).

If you have to rent an industrial boiler, and the space in which you can place a boiler is quite small or crunched, a trailer boiler is the better option.

Send the Boiler Back Early? No Problem!

Best of all, if you have a problem with the rental boiler, you can send it back. You can also send your rented boiler back early, if you are able to get your own replacement boiler sooner than you expected. Most boiler rental companies will prorate and refund you any amount of days that you did not use the boiler.