The Benefits of a Sigma Blade Mixer

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If you are looking to mix materials that are commonly used in industrial applications, such as liquefied metal, low and high viscosity oils, or aggregate materials, such as sand and concrete, you may be looking for a commercial mixer to ensure these items are properly mixed. When you are selecting a mixer, you will have a choice of different arms. The most common include sigma blades, double naben blades, or two-wing blades. Learning the benefits of each type of arm will help you determine which type is best for your needs. Here are a few of the benefits of sigma blade mixers. 

No Material Is Left Unmixed

A sigma blade mixer consists of two blades that encompass the entire length of the mixer. One of the arms is above the other arm. When turned on, the top arm turns a big slower than the bottom arm. This helps to ensure that no material is left unmixed. Due to the different speeds and the different rotation patterns of the blades, all of the material that is placed in the mixer is pulled in and mixed. If it is imperative that every drop of material in the mixer be properly mixed, this mixer ensures that happens. 

Can Handle Different Types of Materials

Another benefit to a sigma blade mixer is that it can handle different types of materials. Most blades are designed to handle liquids, semi-liquids, solids, or doughs and puttys. While sigma blades are not ideal for solids, they can work in a pinch. But aside from that, the blade works well with all of the other types of materials. This helps to ensure you only need one type of mixer, no matter what your industrial business is mixing. 

Can Handle Various Material Loads

The last benefit to a sigma blade mixer is that it can handle various material loads. Many mixers are designed to handle a certain load, such as 100 gallon of liquid or 10 cubic yards of aggregate material. If less is added to the mixer, it may not mix well. Sigma blade mixers have a huge range with their mixers, helping to ensure that your machine will work well if you have a small load or a large one. 

Selecting the mixer with the right type of arms helps to ensure your materials are properly mixed. Think of it like a mixer at your house. You can use different beaters to beat different types of dough or material. Different beaters mix different materials better. However, unlike a home mixer, you cannot swap the arms on these large commercial mixers as needed. This is why it is so important to select the right one. Learning the benefits of different arms allows you to make an educated decision as to which one is right for your industrial needs.