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Three Ways Give Your Deck An Updated Look

When you have a deck on the back of your house, there will come a time when it will start to deteriorate and need attention. It is important to take the time to consider repairing the deck rather than simply replacing it. This can save you a lot of money and allow you to start using the deck again as soon as possible. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about repairing your deck so that you can get a few more years of use out of it:

Consider Addressing Warped Boards

When the boards on the deck start to warm and bend, you can often simply remove them and flip them over so that the warp beds the other way. If the boards are too warped to use when flipped, consider replacing the boards. You need to know the width and length of the board before you can replace it. When you go to a lumber supply distributor, you will also need to know what type of wood the boards are made of so that they will blend in with the other boards on the deck.

Consider Addressing Chips and Splintering with a Protective Coating

There are thick protective coatings that can be rolled over the surface of a deck to fill in any chips or cracks that have developed over time and create a smooth surface for you to walk on. The coating is available in many different shades to ensure that the color matches the color of your home nicely when you finish applying it. The coating makes the deck safe to walk on barefoot because no splinters will be popping up to stick in your feet.

Consider Staining the Deck

There are many times when you can simply apply a stain to the deck to refresh its look. When you apply the stain, you may want to put a coat of polyurethane gel over the stain to help protect the deck from the elements.

It is best to hire a professional decking supplies company to look over the deck if you think that there may be any structural damage that will need to be addressed. You want to be sure that the deck is safe for you and guests to be on at one time so that it does not collapse under everyone's weight. If the deck is not stable you will need to restore its structural integrity before doing anything else.

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