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Fiberscopes And How They're Used In The Health Care Industry

The average person probably doesn't know what a fiberscope is, but unbeknownst to them, if they have had certain medical tests done, they have probably benefited from its invention.

What Is a Fiberscope and How Does It Work?

In the health care industry, a fiberscope is basically a flexible endoscope that gets used for seeing the inside of a body. The light that is necessary to see the insides gets emitted by fiber optics, or thin fibers of glass that transmit light signals. Thanks to fiberscopes and fiber optic technology, a doctor or surgeon does not have to use invasive measures, such as explorative surgery, to see the inside of the body.

A fiberscope usually contains an eye piece, an imaging bundle, a distal lens, a fiber optic light guide, a fiber optic illumination guide, and a flexible insertion tube. The sheathing of a fiberscope is generally made out of tungsten, stainless steel, or Teflon. Besides being widely used in the health care industry, a fiberscope is used in other areas where it's necessary to see the inside of a certain part or object.

Some examples include:

  • Gearboxes
  • Welds
  • Locks
  • Pipework
  • Internal combustion engines

Fiberscopes come in a variety of sizes that range anywhere from 0.64 mm to 11.3 mm. The larger ones are called industrial fiberscopes, and get used when working on things like small engines. No matter what the fiberscope is used for, it can be repaired by any company that does borescope repair or industrial fiberscope repair.

How Fiberscopes Get Used in the Health Care Industry

As mentioned above, fiberscopes are used in the health care industry as a way to see inside the body. Some common types of medical tests that use fiberscopes include:

  • Colonoscopy - this type of examination allows the large intestine, along with the large bowel, and distal end of the small bowel, to be seen. It is often done to check for any signs of colon cancer
  • Arthroscopy - this type of surgical procedure allows the insides of the joints to be seen. It is often done to diagnose and treat a variety of joint problems.
  • Ureteroscopy - this type of examination allows the insides of the ureters and the kidneys to be seen. Urologists use this type of test to remove kidney stones or perform a biopsy of these parts of the body.

Basically any kind of medical test that ends with oscopy (which means to view inside) uses a fiberscope. To learn more, get in touch with an industrial fiberscope repair service.

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