Little Teardrops Have Power: The Pallet Racking System That Makes You Cry For Joy

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Pallet racking systems all have their unique features, most of which are very useful. However, teardrop pallet racking systems have some serious power. If you are tired and frustrated with the pallet racking system you currently use in your warehouse, you should switch to the teardrop system. Here is why this system will have you crying for joy.

It Is Very Difficult to Pull Apart

Imagine putting a post through a hole, and then sliding it down into a locking position. That is how a couple of different pallet systems work. With the teardrop system though, you cannot pull the metal brackets apart quite so easily. The unique teardrop shape of the racking holes and pins prevents the teardrop pins from coming out of the bottom part of the racking's holes. The teardrop pins slide in, lock, and do not unlock unless the pieces are lifted up to match teardrop pin to teardrop hole, the racking will not come undone--ever.

The Power Is Doubled by Horizontal as Well as Vertical Bars with Teardrop Holes/Pins

A lot of the pallet racking you can buy relies heavily on just the vertical posts and shelf supports. The shelf supports plug into the vertical posts, but the shelf supports are left blank for slabs of particle board. There is nothing for any other type of shelving to lock into.

With the teardrop system, the shelf supports have several teardrop holes running along the lengths of the longer horizontal pieces so that you can lock in both wire shelving and extra teardrop shelving to support any wood shelving you place on top of that. This reinforces the strength of the shelving system and removes the guesswork regarding the shelving's ability to support a lot of weight.

It Cannot Tip over Either

How many times has this happened in your warehouse? An employee backs the forklift into a rack system and knocks it over. Even once is too much. A teardrop system has reinforced bases and extra "x" support bars for every end of the racking system. If someone backs into this, he or she may get the forklift stuck, but the racking system will only wobble or tremor ever so slightly and remain erect. If you are not sure that this is true, you can always do an outdoor demo of the teardrop system against a bit of your current warehouse system, and then attempt to demolish both systems.