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3 Things To Take Into Consideration When Purchasing An Industrial Cooling Fan

If you run a large workspace, cooling it off with a traditional commercial air conditioning system can be cumbersome and expensive. Cooling off an large workspace, such as a warehouse, requires a little extra effort. An industrial cooling fan is a great companion for a commercial air conditioning system. An industrial cooling fan can be used to help move cool air throughout your warehouse and help you keep things cool at an affordable cost.

#1 The Size of the Space

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the overall size of the space that you need to cool off. You are going to want to match the square footage of the space with the size of industrial fan that you purchase. A 10,000 square foot space and a 100,000 square foot space will require very different sized fans.

When purchasing an industrial cooling fan, be sure to find out what size space it is designed to circulate air through. For a really large space, you may want to purchase multiple cooling fans to get the overall coverage you need.

#2 Pair It with A Mist or Fog System

Second, keep in mind that industrial cooling fans are designed to circulate cold air through large spaces. They are not designed to cool off the air on their own or filter the air. The lack of filtration system can result in dust and debris getting stirred up in the air without getting filtered.

You can combat against dust with an industrial cooling fan by installing it with a mist or fog system attached to the fan. A mist and fog system will add necessary humidity to the air. This added humidity will actually help weight down dust particles and ensure that the air is not too dusty to breathe.

Adding a fog and mist system to your industrial cooling fan will also help keep your space cooler. Fog and mist machines can be set up to product really cool mist, which in turn can help cool the air that your industrial fan is pushing through your workspace. Since industrial cooling fans don't really cool the air off much on their own, pairing them with an energy efficient fog and mist machine can help accelerate the cooling process within your workspace.

#3 Use A Filtration System

Finally, you may want to make sure that you have some sort of air filtration in place when using industrial cooling fans. If you are pairing your industrial cooling fan with a traditional commercial air conditioning system, make sure that you keep the filter in the commercial air condition system clean. This filter should help keep the air in your workspace clean.

If you are not pairing it with a traditional air conditioning system, you may want to invest in an air filer for your workspace that is designed for the square footage of your workspace. This will help reduce the particles that are stirred up by your industrial fan. 

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