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3 Features To Look For In A Good Tungsten Supplier For Your Manufacturing Business

Known as the heaviest element, and regarded as the metal with an incredibly high melting point and anti-corrosion properties, tungsten is an incredibly valuable material in industrial manufacturing processes. If you rely on tungsten in your manufacturing business, you probably greatly rely on having a healthy supply available as it is needed. Therefore, finding a good tungsten supplier is highly important. There are numerous metal suppliers across the country, but finding one that can give you the quality tungsten you need is best. Here are a few features to look for in a tungsten supplier for your manufacturing business:

The supplier offers tungsten in various forms. 

Whether you need tungsten-based chemicals or tungsten carbide, you need to know that your primary supplier can make it happen. There are a lot of distributors who only provide the basic tungsten and not the extended forms of the element, which can make it more difficult to maintain a healthy supply of what you need. Look at your manufacturing process and what your anticipated tungsten needs are, and then choose a supplier that offers multiple variations to cater to your needs on an ongoing basis. 

The supplier has tungsten in multiple grades. 

In manufacturing, material needs can change with new product creations and developments. There are multiple grades of tungsten that are used for all different purposes in manufacturing. For example, tungsten can be offered with a variant:

  • Hardnesses
  • Tensile strengths
  • Melting points

Throughout the different manufacturing processes that take place, you will likely find that one form of tungsten works better than the other. Therefore, you need a supplier who can give you the option to change the grades of tungsten you order without leaving you in a bind and trying to find another supplier. 

The supplier offers tungsten alloys in multiple forms. 

To save on costs, tungsten is often combined with other materials. Tungsten alloys are also created to specifically meet a certain manufacturing need. For example, if you need a tungsten component that conducts electricity but is lighter in weight, a copper-tungsten alloy may work well for the purpose. The best tungsten suppliers will have many different alloyed tungsten options available, whether it is joined with cobalt, copper, or even iron. 

The more time you spend scoping out the best tungsten supplier, the more likely it will be that you always have the materials you need. Contact a tungsten supplier in your area to determine what they have to offer you and your business.  

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